Wheel Paints and Finishes

Lepsons can either restore your wheels to their original colour and finish or if you prefer your wheels can be finished in a colour or paint type of your choice.  Our objective in this section of the website is to give you an overview of the options that are available so that you understand the differences between them.

The Lepsons refurbishment process is the most comprehensive available with over 95% of wheels having a three coat finish: powder coat primer, wet coat colour finish and an acrylic lacquer. This three coat system produces an exceptionally high quality durable finish that enables Lepsons to offer a full 12 month guarantee on all finishes, something that is not offered by most of our competitors, some of whom only use a two coat system (and some do not strip the wheel back to bare metal at the start of the process either).

Vehicle Manufacturers Standard Finishes

It is important to be aware that what you think is a standard colour or finish from your vehicle manufacturer is actually highly likely to be one of an almost infinite variety of colours and finishes that the manufacturer applies to their range of cars.  In addition, this range changes over the years and also changes as some finishes become more trendy or fashionable.

Therefore, in reality there is no such thing as a ‘vehicle manufacturers standard finish’, so you need to read on to find out more…

Lepsons Standard Colours

We have developed a range of standard colours (and standard finishes) which provide a good starting point choosing the effect that you want to achieve for your refurbished wheels.  We refer to these as our ‘Lepsons Standard Colours’.

In many cases our standard colours will enable you to achieve either an exact match to your original paint finish, or a very close match.

To find out more about the range of Lepsons Standard Colours and to see examples of wheels which have been finished using those colours then click here.

Colour Coded To Your Existing Wheels

If you want to have less than four wheels refurbished or if you have a specific concern about getting a closer match to your existing wheels then you can ask us to colour code the wheels during the refurbishment process (or you can provide us with the required colour details if you already have the colour code).

We will then analyse the colour on the existing wheel using our colour matching technology to determine the paint mix that is required to achieve the same effect. Colour coding does not provide a 100% match in all cases and we can provide more feedback when we see your wheels.

To find out more about colour coding then click here.

Chrome Paint Finishes

Many customers are attracted to our range of chrome paint finishes. These give a distinctive metallic looking finish without the need to use a lathe as would be required when creating a diamond cut finish (see below for more about diamond cutting).

To find out more about the range of chrome paint finishes and to see examples of wheels which have been finished using those colours then click here.

Diamond Cut or Polished Finishes

A diamond cut finish is increasingly popular nowadays. You can recognise a diamond cut finish by looking for a shiny, bare metal effect on the wheel, often in combination with a painted colour surface. Diamond cutting is sometimes referred to as diamond polishing as the process produces a highly polished metal effect.

To find out more about diamond cutting and to see examples of wheels which have been finished using those colours then click here.

Custom Colours and Bespoke Finishes

Many customers choose to personalise their wheels by going for a customized colour or a bespoke finish. The possibilities are endless and we have produced some amazing examples of bespoke wheel finishes over the years.

To find out more about custom colours and to see examples of wheels with custom colours and bespoke finishes then click here.

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