Colour Coding

If you are having all four wheels refurbished then one of our Lepsons standard colours and finishes may be suitable for your needs, so we recommend that you start by reviewing those options when deciding what you would like to do, since this will give you a lower cost solution.

If you have less than four wheels refurbished or if you have a specific concern about getting a closer match to your existing wheels then you can ask us to colour code the wheels during the refurbishment process (or you can provide us with the required colour details if you already have the colour code). 

We will then analyse the colour on the existing wheel using our colour matching technology to determine the paint mix that is required to achieve the same effect.  Colour coding does not provide a 100% match in all cases and we can provide more feedback when we see your wheels.

In the majority of cases we can mix the paint in-house when colour coding and this results in an additional charge of £10 + vat per wheel (or £20+vat for a set of four wheels) to be colour coded.

In a minority of cases we may need to buy-in a special paint to achieve the paint finish that is required for your wheels.  The costs of doing this are quoted on a case-by-case basis.  Please be aware that certain paints and effects can be costly to achieve but we will not proceed without getting your permission to do so.

Remember, if you need any assistance to work out which approach is going to be best for your wheels then feel free to contact us for some friendly help and advice.

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