Motorbike Wheel Refurbishment

We regularly refurbish motorbike wheels at Lepsons. 

Motorcycle wheels require special processing and need to be delivered to us without hubs or bearings, etc. 

You also need to separately arrange for the removal and refitting of motorbike tyres as we do not offer this service.

***Please contact us before sending your wheels in so we can ensure that they are correctly prepared prior sending them to us for refurbishment***

Our customers are often looking for custom colour changes and the full range of finishes can be achieved.  Please look at the examples of wheels elsewhere on the website to see the types of finishes that can be achieved.  If you wish to have a very specific colour finish then let us know and we will mix the exact colour code you are looking for.

Our expert technicians are always happy to give you advice and help so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Motorbike Paint Examples

Please note that the colour reproduction within each photo will not be exact due to the limitations of the digital photographic process and limitations when displaying colours onscreen. If you have very specific colour requirements for your wheels then you should visit our premises and review your colour options in person.
  • Gloss Black (Motorbike Wheel)
    Gloss Black (Motorbike Wheel)
  • Gold (Motorbike Wheel)
    Gold (Motorbike Wheel)
  • Gold (Motorbike Wheel)
    Gold (Motorbike Wheel)
  • Nickel Chrome (Motorbike Wheel)
    Nickel Chrome (Motorbike Wheel)
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