Tyre Service after Refurbishment

  • Do your car wheels need refurbishing?
  • Are you looking for a professional and reliable tyre servicing facility?
  • Are you located in or around Kent, West Midlands or anywhere in the UK really?
  • Then look no further than Lepsons. 

With over 26 years in the business and a wide range of additional services, you can trust Lepsons to deliver quality, skill, and that all important service with a personal touch. With our expert knowledge and tyres at competitive prices, you can rest assured that your car’s tyre service is in very capable hands.

Why Do You Need A Tyre Service?

Your tyres are arguably the most important part of your vehicle, and they serve as the connection between the road and your car. It is the most often replaced part of the car, which is attributed to the vital role it plays.

A 2019 UK publication attributed most vehicular accidents to faulty or inadequate tyre repairs. Also, the Department of Transport indicates that 446 accidents were caused by defective tyres, while faulty brakes contributed to 81 of them.

This has contributed to the need for quality car and tyre serving centres which is precisely what we have on offer.

Aside from ensuring the safety of its occupants, the four wheels underneath your car play three vitals roles;

  • It serves as a control for acceleration 
  • Helps with direction and steering control 
  • Backing the weight of the vehicle

Our Tyre Services

At Lepsons, we understand and appreciate the roles your tyres play, especially when it comes to safety. We, therefore, provide the services required to keep it in good shape at all times. With that being said, we detail some red flags to be on the lookout for to determine whether your car tyres need repair or total replacement.

  • Tread Depth Of The Tyre

The tread depth of vehicle tyres wears down with time. For new cars, tread depth is usual around 8mm. Though the legal tread depth of a tyre is 1.6mm, it is recommended to have it checked when it wears down to around 3mm. For tyres to be considered roadworthy, it has to meet some legal requirements. Failure to adhere to these guidelines and drive with worn tyres could attract punishment such as fines or penalties points on your permit.

  • Punctures

Punctures usually occur when sharp objects penetrate tyres leading to air escape. This is unavoidable as you continue to drive around. Glass and nails are objects noted to cause such havoc to vehicle tyres. Punctures can go unnoticed for some time, but thankfully, some indications should prompt you to check. Heavy steering, wheel shuddering, and unintended right or left swerving are some notable signs of a punctured tyre. It is advised to avoid driving in such situations and have your car tyres checked.

  • Tyre Replacement At Least Every Six Years

Just as every product manufactured has its lifespan, tyres according to auto experts should be replaced at least every six years depending on its model and specific manual requirements.

  • Unbalanced Tread Wear

It is normal to see your tyres wear down unevenly. In fact, no tyres wear down perfectly. Among one of the notable causes of irregular tread wear is misalignment. This can be fixed by sending it to our tyre servicing centre for simple rotation.

Although tyres naturally wear unevenly, it really should not be too irregular.

Tyre replacement should always be a top priority for every car user so as to not compromise on its safety, that of the occupants as well as other road users. Any of these signs means you should have your tyres serviced immediately.

Why Should You Choose Lepsons?

As mentioned earlier, tyres play a crucial role in the life cycle of every vehicle. Therefore, you should watch out for early signs and take your car to a servicing centre for the necessary tyre repairs or replacement. But speaking of tyre serving centres, Lepsons has built an enviable reputation in wheel servicing in the auto industry using state of the art equipment.

With a team of highly skilled employees, Lepsons offers the best tyre refurbishment and replacement services in a secured warehouse to keep your cars safe. We are located in Kent and The west midlands in the UK but operate nationwide across the UK.

Here Is Why We Are Your Best Choice

  • All wheels that experience a full “back to bare metal” refurbishment are stripped of all products and investigated to recognise any fixes that might be required ahead of finishing 
  • Wheels repaired by Lepsons will be in good shape for a considerable length of time. It will outlive components and restorative surface fixes that at first look great; however, frequently don’t last.
  • Lepsons frequently invest in kits and other facilities to ensure the possible best services to our customers at all times. 

In our quest to provide the best wheel refurbishment services for your alloy wheels, we offer a 12 months guarantee on all repair processes, which leaves you with complete peace of mind.

You can locate Lepsons Ltd at 

Units 7-16, Railway Street Business Park, 

Railway Street, Gillingham, 

Kent, ME7 1YQ

Or reach our customer helpline via 

Phone: 01634 580 582

Email: info@lepsons.com

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