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We have produced several videos to give you a better idea of what the different paint colours and finishes actually look like.

Please note:
1. The colour reproduction within each video will not be exact as the video is filmed under fluorescent light, rather than natural daylight. If you have very specific colour requirements for your wheels then you should visit our premises and review your colour options in person.
2. On our display wheels you will see that the bolt holes are painted – for our customer wheels which will be used on the road there will be less paint coverage around the bolt holes to ensure that they can be securely fitted back on to the vehicle.
3. A standard refurbishment will include painting the face of the wheel.  If you would like your wheels painted all the way through to the back then speak to us about any additional costs involved.

Call us if you have any questions about your options when it comes to paint finishes, we will be pleased to share our advice.

Click on the links below to go to the video that you are interested in:

Lepsons standard colours and finishes

Chrome paint finishes

Diamond cut finishes

Split rims

Custom Paint finishes

Alternatively view our famous Lepsons ‘Wall of Wheels’ to see a cross section of different wheel finishes that we can achieve.

Lepsons Standard Colours and Finishes

At Lepsons we have a range of standard colours (and standard finishes) that we offer to our customers as a starting point when you are choosing the effect that you want to achieve for your refurbished wheels.

In many cases our standard colours will enable you to achieve either an exact match to your original paint finish, or a very close match.

Lepsons standard paint finishes include various silvers, anthracites, blacks, and white, gold, red, and yellow.  See our Lepsons Standard Colour Options section for more details (and examples).

Please fast forward the video clip to the 1:11 position to see our range of standard blacks and anthracites and then move to the 4:37 point to see some other examples of our standard colours including yellow, red and our range of silvers.

Chrome Paint Finishes

Chrome paint finishes give a distinctive metallic looking finish without the need to use a lathe as would be required when creating a diamond cut finish.

The Lepsons selection of chrome paint finishes include silver chrome, black chrome and American nickel chrome. See our Chrome Paint Finishes section for more details.

Please fast forward the video clip to the 3:06 position to see examples from our range of chrome finishes and then move to the 4:20 point to see an example of a nickel chrome finish.

Diamond Cut Finishes

A diamond cut finish is increasingly popular nowadays.  You can recognise a diamond cut finish by looking for a shiny, bare metal effect on the wheel, often in combination with another colour.

See our Diamond Cutting and Polishing section for more details.

Please fast forward the video clip to the 2:26 position to see examples of diamond cut finishes.

Split Rims

Split rim wheels are normally easy to identify as they usually have a series of small bolts around the rim of the wheel. Split rim wheels are popular because they have a distinctive appearance, and can be combined with diamond cut and various paint finishes to create a strong impression.

See the Split Rim Wheel Refurbishment section for more details.

Please fast forward the video clip to the 2:09 position to see some examples of split rim sections of various wheels.

Custom Paint Finishes

Many customers choose to personalise their wheels by going for a customized colour or a bespoke finish.  The possibilities are endless and we have produced some amazing examples of bespoke wheel finishes over the years.

See our Custom Colours and Bespoke Finishes section for more details (and examples).

You can see various examples of custom paint finishes throughout the video, starting from the opening sequences.

Wall of Wheels

The full ‘Wall of Wheels’ on display in our customer reception unit (running time: 5 minutes):

Our thanks go to Kelly at KDS Detailing for producing the video.


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