Consistently Delivering the Highest Quality

Achieving consistently high quality requires considerable skill and experience to select develop and refine many bespoke processes using different combinations of paints and lacquers.  Lepsons has been at the leading edge of these processes for 20 years, a depth of skill and experience almost unparalleled in the refurbishment market.

Skilled Technicians

A business does not reach the size of Lepsons without a superb team.  Many of our employees have been with the company for well over 10 years, continually refining and developing their skills and experience.

The technical skills involved in the alloy wheel refurbishment business are broad ranging:

  • Tyre removal and refitting: A straightforward task you may think, performed by hundreds of tyre related businesses across the country every day.  Our tyre fitters are in a different class – each day they will be handling wheels and tyres ranging from those on a Ford Fiesta through to the latest Lamborghini or some other exotic supercar.  If they put one foot wrong while re-fitting a tyre to a wheel that has just been refurbished then back through the production process that wheel goes again.  We will not let a wheel leave our premises unless it meets our stringent quality standards
  • Chemical paint stripping: We own one of the largest chemical wheel stripping facilities in the UK.  This is a specialist area which is manned by dedicated members of staff as getting a successful strip of the original paint, lacquer and other general grime on a wheel is crucial to achieving the great results that we strive for.
  • Wheel preparation: Another experienced team – they take the wheels after the chemical strip process, if necessary bead blasting them to achieve just the right keying surface for the paint processes that follow, and deal with any welding, straightening or repairs that are required.
  • Lathes/Machining: At Lepsons we currently have three lathes, catering for wheels up to 24″ in size.  Our lathe operators work on a mixture of machining tasks to complete repairs or to perform diamond cutting where wheels require these types of finishes.  There seem to be an infinite variety of wheel profiles so they are kept busy mapping new wheel profiles to sub-millimetre accuracy to add to our library and perform the required machining
  • Paint lines: Another large team of skilled technicians work on the various paint lines; they will be priming, lacquering, powder coating, wet coating on wheels in a range of paints colours and styles on a daily basis.
  • Quality control: At each stage in the production process there are QC checks and balances to ensure that our customers wheels are going to reach the required Lepsons standard before leaving the premises.

Supporting the production side are the team of drivers who shuttle around the south east of England delivering and collecting from our regular trade customers, together with the occasional retail customer visit.

Customer service is crucial to the Lepsons experience.  We want our customers to have a great experience in dealing with Lepsons as well as receive stunning results when we transform their wheels through the refurbishment process.  Our customer service team take inbound telephone calls on all sorts of matters ranging from pricing to the booking of trade deliveries and collections, deal with customers who visit the site, and provide help and advice to our customers.

For a business like Lepsons to operate effectively we need an effective back-office team.  Our administration team handle the accounts and general administration that all businesses need to control ranging from ordering paints and materials through to managing the payroll.

Paints & Lacquers

Lepsons uses only the best quality paints and lacquers when refurbishing your wheels.  When we are selecting these materials it isn’t just a question of price or indeed quality, it takes decades of skill and experience to understand which paints and lacquers work best together to give not only the best finish but also the most durable finish. Not all refurbishers have this skill.

Paint technology is continually evolving and we have the resources to invest time and effort in Research and Development fine tuning our production processes alongside the materials which we use.

Lacquers may be acrylic or polyester.  Acrylic lacquers are generally tougher and more durable but their application requires a very clean environment and strict control of the production process that not all refurbishers are able to achieve. Lepsons will only use acrylic lacquers to achieve the results that our customers want.


Over the years Lepsons has continually reinvested in the business, whether that be in the skills levels of the staff or the equipment used in the production processes.  In the last couple of years we have substantially upgraded our premises, wheel stripping and paint line equipment to deal with the volumes of wheels that we refurbish on a daily basis and provide the best customer experience that we possibly can.

With our leading position in the UK market we often work with suppliers to pioneer the application of their technologies or materials in a large scale alloy wheel refurbishment environment such as that we have at Lepsons.  This means that we have a deep understanding of the best solutions for different wheels and paint combinations.

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