Loan Cars

At Lepsons our objective is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get their wheels refurbished. There are many ways of getting your wheels to our site in Gillingham so that they can be refurbished. The wheels can be dropped off at our site or couriered to us or alternatively the car itself can be left in our secure, alarmed car storage warehouse.

Our site is right next to the railway station in Gillingham (approx 50 minutes from Central London) and so lots of our London based customers will drive down, drop off their car and then use the train to return home.

We are pleased to offer the use of one of our loan cars to customers who don’t have any alternative means of transport while their wheels are being refurbished. Customers who decide to leave their car in our car storage warehouse can reserve a loan car for the time that their vehicle is with us.

Please call for details of our loan car service – it is competitively FREE and will keep you on the road until you collect your own car when your refurbishment is complete.

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