A Full Factory Refurbishment (not just a Mobile Repair)

Mobile repairs can be quick and convenient but at the end of the day a mobile (or SMART) repair is just a surface repair without all the benefits that are found within a quality controlled factory environment with all the equipment, experience and staff that we can offer.

To get an idea about the differences in the processes involved in a full factory ‘back to bare metal’ refurbishment versus a mobile repair take a look at the chart below.

  Mobile Repair (Man with a Van) Lepsons Full Factory Refurbishment
Tyre removed from wheel No YES
Wheel chemically stripped No YES
Washed and baked No YES
Powder coated No YES
Wheel oven cured No YES
Wet spray painted No YES
Diamond cut on lathe (if appropriate) No YES
Acrylic lacquer applied No YES
Final QC check by a different technician No YES
Tyre refitted to wheel, re-valved and balanced No YES
12 month guarantee No YES
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