The Lepsons Guarantee

At Lepsons we take great pride in the high quality of our workmanship and therefore we guarantee all our refurbished wheels for 12 months.

Painted and Diamond Cut Finishes Guaranteed for 12 Months

Most refurbishers of alloy wheels will offer a 12 month guarantee on painted wheels but few will have the confidence to guarantee diamond cut wheels for this period and even fewer have a reputation for excellence built up over more than 21 years of business.

Our passion for quality and our determination to maintain our position as the pre-eminent refurbisher of alloy wheels underpins our guarantee that should a wheel refurbished by Lepsons suffer a deterioration within 12 months resulting from the refurbishment process (see ‘The Small Print’ section below for exceptions), the wheel will either be refurbished again free of charge or at the company’s discretion the charge for the wheel will be refunded.

The Small Print

Claims resulting from damage either by curbing, poor refitting of tyres by third parties or other forms of impact or scuffing (for example abrasive cleaning materials) or from the use of cleaning pastes/fluids (other than hot soapy water) are excluded from the guarantee.

Diamond Cut Wheels: There are limitations on how many times a wheel can be diamond cut.  This is because each time a wheel goes through the diamond cutting process the cutting head on the lathe removes a thin layer of metal from the face of the wheel.  If there is insufficient metal to enable a wheel to be diamond cut again then the warranty is limited to Lepsons painting the face of the wheel all over including the areas that would have previously been diamond cut.

Refurbished wheels MUST ONLY be cleaned with hot soapy water and non abrasive cloths.  Failure to do so may affect the finish and invalidate your warranty
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