Standard Colour Options

At Lepsons we have a range of standard colours (and standard finishes) which provide a good starting point when choosing the effect that you want to achieve for your refurbished wheels.

In many cases our standard colours will enable you to achieve either an exact match to your original paint finish, or a very close match.

How to decide whether to go for a Lepsons standard colour versus colour coding to your existing wheels

The best effect is achieved when all four wheels are refurbished because you can be sure that every wheel will look exactly the same regardless of whether you choose one of the Lepsons standard colours or decide to go for a change.

If you are having between one and three wheels refurbished for the same vehicle things are a bit more tricky as in the ideal world you would be seeking to achieve an exact match for all four wheels when they are back on the car.

If your existing wheels have a very similar finish to one of the Lepsons standard colours then you can simply choose to have the refurbished wheel painted in that colour.

If you are concerned about getting an exact match to your existing wheels then you can ask us to colour code the wheel(s) during the refurbishment process (or you can provide us with the required colour if you have the colour code yourself).  See the Colour Coding page for more details.

Handy Hint

If you only want a couple of wheels refurbished then one thing to think about when deciding whether colour coding is going to be necessary is the possibility of ensuring that the two refurbished wheels are finished using a Lepsons standard paint and then re-fitting both wheels to the same side of the car.  This will then ensure that the visual effect is consistent on both sides of the vehicle.

Lepsons Standard Paint Finishes – Silver

We offer a selection of silver paint finishes which essentially give you a range of effects to choose from starting with a simple flat silver through to a more glittering sparkle effect.  Your options are:

  • Flat silver
  • Straight silver
  • AWI silver
  • Bright sparkle silver

Lepsons Standard Paint Finishes – Anthracite

Anthracites are alternatively described as ‘gun metal’ finishes.  These range from a light gun metal through to a dark gun metal finish.  Your options are:

  • Light anthracite
  • Carr’s anthracite (Medium anthracite)
  • Dark anthracite

Lepsons Standard Paint Finishes – Black

We offer three standard black paint finishes which are self explanatory:

  • Gloss black
  • Satin black
  • Matt black

Lepsons Standard Paint Finishes – Other

At Lepsons we offer the following solid colours as standard finishes:

  • White
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Yellow

More Paint Finish Options

If the paint finish that you are looking for is not on the list of standard finishes shown above then visit our Wheel Paints and Finishes page to see what other alternatives exist.  At Lepsons we have years of experience of producing paint finishes of all types and we would be surprised if we could not produce the finish that you are looking for.

Lepsons Standard Paint Finish Examples

Please note that the colour reproduction within each photo will not be exact due to the limitations of the digital photographic process and limitations when displaying colours onscreen. If you have very specific colour requirements for your wheels then you should visit our premises and review your colour options in person.

Important Notes

1.  We do not yet have examples of every colour or finish on the website
2.  Some of the images in this section show wheels with a standard colour and possibly additional colours or finishes which are not standard (and therefore would cost more).  Our intention is to give you an impression of our standard colours so please focus on those and ignore the other finishes or colours when looking at those images.

You can filter the images into specific categories such as ‘Silver’ or ‘Black’ by clicking on the appropriate link below:

  • AWI Silver
    AWI Silver
  • Bright Sparkle Silver
    Bright Sparkle Silver
  • Bright Sparkle Silver with a Diamond Cut Rim
    Bright Sparkle Silver with a Diamond Cut Rim
  • Carr’s Anthracite (Medium Anthracite)
    Carr’s Anthracite (Medium Anthracite)
  • Dark Anthracite
    Dark Anthracite
  • Flat Silver
    Flat Silver
  • Gloss Black
    Gloss Black
  • Gloss Black (Motorbike Wheel)
    Gloss Black (Motorbike Wheel)





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