Other Potential Costs

Our objective is to be a clear as possible about the price you can expect to pay in advance of doing the refurbishment work as nobody likes surprises when it comes to the time when the bill needs to be paid.

However, sometimes it is not possible for us to give you an exact price prior to doing the refurbishment of your wheels.  The areas where this may occur and the reasons why are explained below. 

Remember that we will always attempt to explain when potential price changes may be necessary and we will contact you to get your approval when a quoted price needs to change.

Colour Coding

Unless you can be very specific and give us a paint code in advance so that we know exactly which mix of paints are required to achieve your desired finish then there is a chance that your colour choice may require more expensive base paint components for the mix.

Straightening and Welding

Sometimes it only becomes apparent whether any straightening or welding is required on a wheel once it has gone through the chemical strip process and the bare metal is visible to our technicians.  We will contact you to let you know.

Replacing Valves and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Components

Where wheels are supplied with tyres, the cost of the refurbishment includes refitting the tyres with new rubber valves.  If you wish to have metal valve stems then an additional cost will be incurred.

An increasing number of wheels now come with sophisticated Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) which include components such as sensor valves and mounting boxes.  In some cases the TPMS components can be re-used and in many cases they cannot and will need to be replaced and so an additional cost will be incurred.

We cannot refurbish a wheel while the TPMS components are still in place so you need to be aware that they have to be removed with the corresponding risk of damage regardless of how careful our technicians are.

Please note that whilst Lepsons will remove TPMS components such as sensor valves, no responsibility can be taken for the removal (or refitting) of such components and no guarantee can be provided in respect of the operation of the TPMS components.  Although your sensor valves may have been working OK before the wheel was delivered to us, in some cases it is almost impossible to remove the TPMS components without damaging them.  There are many reasons for this including corrosion, over-tightening, poor design, etc.

Optional Items

On our price list we show some ‘Optional Items’ including centre caps and wheel stickers/decals.  If you wish to have new center caps and replacement wheels stickers/decals then we will need to source these and charge accordingly.  We do not aim to make a profit on supplying these items, simply cover our costs.

We also show displosal of tyres as an optional item.  If you wish for us to dispose of tyres, say because you have had new tyres fitted as part of the process of getting your wheels refurbished, then we need to pass on the costs of disposal of the old tyres.  We only dispose of tyres using licensed waste removal companies and therefore a cost is incurred for this service.

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