Courier Instructions & Terms

When Lepsons are arranging collection and delivery of wheels by courier then you must do the following once you have received a written estimate of the refurbishment costs from us by email and are ready to proceed:

Prior to Collection of the Wheels

Complete the ‘Lepsons Courier Booking Form’ (see below).  This form also contains the Terms & Conditions relating to this service which the customer is advised to take time to read and understand:

The form must be placed inside one of the parcels so we know who the wheels are from and what price and colours/finishes have been agreed.

Our address label must be stuck to the top of each parcel.

It is really important that the customer packs the wheels correctly, no metal must be showing otherwise the courier will not collect the parcel.

Packaging Wheels Without Tyres

If you are sending us wheels without tyres then you MUST send the wheels in strong cardboard boxes (not just plastic bags or bin liners as these will not adequately protect the wheels during transit). Please note that if wheels without tyres arrive unboxed, there will be a £3.50 + vat charge per box to return your refurbished wheels.

Collection of the Wheels

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the wheels are ready for collection, that they are properly packed and addressed and that someone is available to receive the courier.

Any additional costs incurred as a result of the wheels not being available for collection or being inadequately packaged will be charged to the customer.

Return of the Wheels

Lepsons will arrange for refurbished wheels to be returned to the customer and will contact the customer to agree the return date and take any payment due before the wheel(s) are despatched.

Once the wheels have been despatched it is the customer’s responsibility to make themselves available for the return of the wheels.

Important Note

If for whatever reason the refurbishment/repair doesn’t go ahead then the customer will need to pay the courier costs to get the wheels returned back to them.


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