Centre Caps

Centre caps are the decorative inserts, usually circular, which cover the centre part of the wheel.  If they were not present the end of the spindle or wheel bearings would probably be visible which is not particularly attractive on most vehicles.

Many alloy wheels have centre caps.  These usually display the logo or trademark of the vehicle manufacturer or in the case of after market wheels they would display the logo of the wheel manufacturer.

When refurbishing a wheel you need to consider whether the centre caps will need painting (or replacing) at the same time to achieve a clean and consistent appearance. Alternatively, if you would like us to source new centre caps then please let us know so that we can organise a quote plus arrange for them to be available onsite once the wheel refurbishment has been completed.

It is not uncommon for people to ask us to colour match the remainder of the wheel to the center cap when having their wheels refurbished.  This may be something that you want to consider when making your choices about which finish you would like to achieve.

Please note that plastic centre caps can only be matched with a wet paint spray, therefore we cannot exactly match a powder coat finish. Call us if you have any questions about centre caps.

It is important to be aware that any work we do on centre caps is essentially a tidy up process and will not produce a brand new appearance.  As a result we do not warranty any work we carry out on centre caps. If you would like to have brand new centre caps then please let us know (we do not aim to make a profit on supplying new centre caps as part of a refurbishment).
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